Happy Birthday Grandma!

On October 7, 2012 I got woken up early, about 5 am, and told that my dad was on his way to see my Grandma who was being taken to the hospital. I didn’t know what to think at the time. My mom and I quickly got ready and headed to the hospital to go find out what was going on. Upon arrival, we were greeted by majority of my family who were waiting in the ER lobby to find out more details from the Dr. All we knew was that my Aunt found her unconscious lying in her bed at home.

That was the start to what would be a terribly sad day. My Grandma had suffered a massive stroke the day before and at around 4:30 PM on October 7th she passed away. I do not want to go into all the details, I would like to keep things private for my family. I wasn’t in her room most of the day. I couldn’t bear to see her like that. My dad and his two siblings were right by her bedside when she took her final breath. I was told that it was a very peaceful passing, for that I am so thankful!

Its still sad knowing that I have to wait a while before I get to see her again. I am very thankful that my Grandma and I know Jesus, giving us the chance to be reunited again! While it is sad to not see her on her birthday or holidays, I am thankful that she is now in Heaven with Jesus, free of all the pain and heartache this world brought.

Today is her birthday! She gets to spend her first birthday with Jesus and she’s back with Grandpa again! Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope you have a wonderful and fun birthday up in Heaven! You get to spend it with Jesus, lucky you! I love and miss you terribly! I keep thinking about all the things you’ll never to get to see me accomplish. A good career, maybe marriage and a family of my own but I am also reminded that while you were here with us you lived a very blessed life with a family who loves you dearly. You saw your 3 children grow up into wonderful adults raising families of their own! You saw 2 of your grandchildren married and starting families of their own. And your other 2 grandchildren have found wonderful girlfriends – who I’m hoping will be around for years to come! You got to meet 6 great grandchildren! Grandma, you raised a wonderful family who misses you dearly!

Yesterday (12/23) we had our family Christmas. We missed you Grandma but still a fun time of family bonding! Aunt C. gave all 5 of us grandchildren a car cross that had hand rolled beads made from the roses at Grandma’s funeral. Such a thoughtful and touching gift! I loved it!

Car Cross

Grandma, you are forever in my heart! I miss you terribly but I know you are in a better place! Cannot wait until we meet again!

Making Progress

An update is in order as it has been since August since any post has been made. I’ve been busy and going through a lot of pain and heartache but also having fun living life! My friends and family know most of what that all means and in the near future I might post some of what I’ve been going through but until then how about a health & wellness update?

As I posted earlier this year, I started working out and trying to live healthier. It all started back in February. I don’t feel very accomplished with what I have achieved to this point but I am making progress.

Since February, I have lost 10 lbs! I am back to the weight I was before I entered College 6 years ago! I still have more to lose but this has been great progress so far! The walking came to a halt with it being colder now, oh the joys of living in Indiana, even though I never made it a weekly thing like I had wanted to. A goal for next year for sure! A plus though has been since the middle of November, a small group of my friends and I have been doing Zumba/Just Dance for around 2 hours every week! It has been a joy to have their accountability and company so that I wouldn’t have to do it alone! It was really nice that a friend had it on the Wii so that we wouldn’t have to pay for the class but could do it at our church! And its just a fun time of bonding for us girls! I love that I had friends and acquaintances who introduced me to Zumba. Hearing their weight loss testimonies from doing it has been a true inspiration. Here is one story that has been a true inspiration to me as well as others: Mandisa’s Story. It has been a blast learning Zumba this past month and I am really enjoying getting to dance for a workout! A quick shout out and thank you to the 5 girls who have done it with me this past month: It has been so much fun doing this with you girls! A highlight of my week for sure 🙂

I still have a lot more goals to reach but progress has been made! Hopefully soon I can start making healthier food choices! I am very weak willed when it comes to food. I have to keep reminding myself to just take it one step at a time. Not too often do things just happen overnight.

If you all could just pray for me to continue making progress and keep heading down the healthy lifestyle path I would greatly appreciate that!

A New Chapter Begins

A lot has happened over the past 3 months.

I graduated college in May!!! Huge accomplishment in my life that took 6 years, 2 colleges and changing my major 3 times to finish! I have a B.A. in Educational Ministries and a minor in Missions. I’m so grateful for the education that I have and for the life experiences that it brought. It was a long, hard and bumpy road but I wouldn’t change a thing! Now to just figure out how God wants me to use that.

I have the dream to be a full time missionary somewhere exciting. I use to always say I didn’t want to go overseas but I’ve become more open to that recently.  I love North America and can definitely see myself being a full time missionary here someday, either with a church or a mission organization, I have had 3 summers of experience doing just that! But recently serving overseas has been on my mind. I think God has definitely given me a change of heart when it comes to being a missionary overseas. I don’t know what He’s trying to tell me but I’m ready and listening for directions!

Not that I’m putting my dream on hold, because I’m one who believes that no matter where you are or what you are doing you are a missionary. You don’t have to have the title of missionary to [insert location] to be a missionary but are one right where you are in life. The only thing you need to be a missionary is to have accepted Jesus as your personal savior. But since my time with school has come to an end, it is time for me to be an adult and get a job. I would love to be in full time ministry but with school loans coming due soon that is looking like less of an option right now because I need a job that pays well so I can afford to pay my school loans. Unless God has something amazing planned that I have yet to come across! Currently, I am involved with 3 different organizations that allow me to use my ministry calling on a volunteer basis. If this was a perfect world, my dream would be to get paid for doing at least one of those if not all and call that a day! But its not a perfect world and I need a good paying job so that I can pay back my expensive school loans and be able to support myself. So the hard part so far is knowing where to look for a good paying job. I’ve never had a job where I had to go through the whole process of filling out a resume and cover letter and getting those out to companies or just the whole process of filling out job applications. My first job was working at the dinning hall on campus and after that I’ve been doing summer mission trips. This is going to be a learning process for sure but it will be good for me! I’m excited but also a bit anxious to see where God leads me next!

If you think about it. Keep me in your prayers as I embark on the job search. Pray that I can find a good paying job so that I can pay back my school loans on a timely manner and be able to support myself as well! And pray that no matter where I end up that I am using that job to bring God all the glory!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”                                                                                                        Colossians 3:23


I have been convicted in this area of my spiritual life a lot lately.

How often do we say “I’ll be praying for you” and then turn around and go about our business like nothing happened? Do we truly pray for the people we tell “I’ll be praying for you” or do we just let it sit in the back of our minds thinking oh, I’ll pray later? And then later comes and you never once prayed for their situation, which is more than likely now over. What is stopping us from praying as soon as we tell someone, “I’ll be praying for you?”

I am guilty of this in my own prayer life. I often tell people that I will be praying for them and I might never once actually intentionally pray for them. I might think about what they are going through but that is not the same as actually praying to God. I want to make my prayer life better. I want to be more intentional when I tell someone that I’m praying for them. I want to right then and there actually lift up a prayer for them.

Pray that I will seek to be more intentional in this area. And if anyone has any prayer tips feel free to share them! I want to truly live what 1 Thessalonians 5:17 states, “Pray without ceasing.” (KJV)

A Healthier Life

This year for me has been a year of change so far.

In February I started working out to get fit and to just live healthier. I’m slowly trying to make my food choices healthier, that part is not an easy one for me. I thought I would struggle more with exercise but its actually food that I struggle more with. Yes, exercise is a struggle. I definitely do not exercise as much as I would like and need to. This is an area of my life that I know I can’t do alone. I have a friend who I’ve gone walking with so far just once a month since February. I would like to make walking a weekly thing. My friend and I talked about doing that but it hasn’t happened yet. I could do it on my own but walking with a friend is easier and so much more enjoyable. It keeps me from taking shortcuts and unnecessary breaks! This is not an easy road for me but it is a road that is definitely worth going down!

Pray for me to be consistent with exercising, to make those healthier food choices, and to not cheat or wimp out when it comes to anything. My health needs this, it’s way overdue!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27 (NIV)

My Summer in Review

My summer was pretty amazing! Just the kind of summer that I needed! I spent the summer in Chicago working with a new church plant! I’ve never worked with a church in its beginning stages but it was a wonderful & yet challenging experience!

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New York City

A Summer Missions update for you all 🙂

I’ve been in NYC since June 2nd! I’ll be here til mid August. I’m working with MNYBA (Metro New York Baptist Association), I’m their summer missionary/intern.

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